FreshEst presents: The Estonian Ministry of Creative Arts
Credits: Café Naïveté ( & Saintil Communications (

Kristian Steinberg
Kristina Viirpalu
Karl Annus
Kadri Kruus


Helen Sirp
Indrek Arula

Them. Let me present you one of the highlights of the International Fashion Showcase 2013 – Ladies and Gents, these names form the Estonian Ministry of Creative Arts. And from the 14th until the 19th February they’ll take over one of the main London venues for alternative art happenings called the Horse Hospital.
(they opened with a Vivienne Westwood retrospective in 1993)

The legendary Horse Hospital’s space is transformed by Helen Sirp into a multidisciplinary design hub which aims to tell the visitor the mythical journey of these design objects and the creators behind them. The key part of this exploration process is a short movie ambiented in deep Estonian winter (- freakin’ 20 degrees! ). “To celebrate Estonia’s unique, mystical background, Helen Sirp, Creative Director of Estonian Showcase, has conjured a fairytale-esque film that captures the vision behind each designer’s work via a series of mythical characters and their stories.” The film, shot by fashion photographer Indrek Arula, is accompanied by a unique soundscape composed by drawing on visual film stills, translating the pixel sequences into electronic melodies. It will be screened on 15th of February on a private view. Looking forward to it!


Kristian Steinberg creates sleek tailored Bauhaus inspired menswear.

Karl Annus designs edgy yet sustainable eyewear out of different types of wood.

Kristina Viirpalu is the woman behind the delicate and unique haute couture evening gowns realised by using traditional Estonian techniques.

Kadri Kruus handcrafts one of a kind leather bags of simple yet sophisticated design.

The Short-Movie:There is a land far up North where the sea hugs the shores of white sand and snow. Feel the breath of every tree and stne as the air draws circles around the morning mist amid the rising fog.”

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